Globe And Mail: 'I feel good' in James Brown's PJs

After 12 years of organizing events for everyone from anxious brides to Hollywood stars, twin brothers Jian and Page Magen consider their collection of legendary bad boy soul singer James Brown’s sequin-studded jumpsuits and silk pyjamas a prized symbol of their business success.

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Forbes Magazine

MBE in Forbes Magazine. 

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The Iron Sheik's return to the limelight started with Twitter in the hands of two brothers, Page and Jian Magen of Magen Boys Entertainment, a full-service entertainment company based in Toronto. Their exposure to "the legend," as the Sheik refers to himself, began at home. Their father, a champion table tennis player in Iran, was best friends with Hossein Vaziri (the Sheik's "other" name). Because of this relationship, talent from the World Wide Wrestling Federation (now the WWE) made regular appearances at the table.

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Toronto Star: Anatomy of a Blockbuster: “Heeeey, Macarena!”

“The ‘Macarena,’ when it came out, was the song that made your business look good,” says Page Magen, who with twin brother Jian — colloquially known together as Toronto’s “Bar Mitzvah Kings” — runs the immensely successful party-planning company Magen Boys Entertainment. “I knew that if the party was bad or if that party wasn’t hopping, I had the ‘Macarena’ in my back pocket to throw down. It was used as an ignition for an event.”

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Toronto Star: The Stag Of The Century

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